Exclusive brand representation service in Amazon.
Provide more visibility to your business in a fast, professional and easy way.


We are Home Health Europe, a company located in Cordoba, Andalucía. Our main segment is the sale of products related to health, wellness, cosmetics and beauty. Here you can see our store in Amazon:


We offer you to be exclusive distributors and representatives of your brand on Amazon.

That means that we will be responsible for creating your products on Amazon, adding good quality pictures, optimizing the listings so that they get the maximum possible visibility, selling your products through Amazon and serving your customers on that platform.


You gain visibility of your brand and commerce on Amazon, the largest online shopping platform in Spain. During COVID19, online stores increased their purchases to levels never seen before among them Amazon.

At Home Health Europe we have a decade of experience and we have an Amazon account with an excellent reputation and experience selling in this market through our websites.

We will buy the products from you and take care of selling them, we will do the necessary management through Amazon, so you will gain additional sales every month for your business.

We will make a fair profit margin on the sale of your products on Amazon just like any other of your distributors.


To do so, we will simply ask you to do two things:

We need you to allow us to register your trademark with the Amazon Brand Registry. Amazon Brand Registry. This registration has no legal or binding legal and binding outside of Amazon. In the following section we provide you with more information.hmgkj

We will ask you for distribution prices to sell your products on Amazon. Keep in mind that in Amazon there are a series of rates to take into account, so the more adjusted this price can be, you will allow us to be more competitive when selling. For example:

Amazon usually charges 15% commission on each sale made.

Shipping costs for 1 kilo in Peninsula are usually around 3 euros.

Taxes must be taken into account

In order to advertise your products on Amazon, you must have an additional 10%-20% commission to be able to compete properly in visibility against other sellers selling similar or substitute products.

We want to get a fair profit margin for the sale of your products, so the final price taking into account all these considerations should not be too high or the product will not sell.


When you register a brand in Amazon, you are not legally giving us your brand, control of your brand or anything similar in Spain, your brand is yours and only yours from the moment you registered it in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Registry, and nothing can change that.

Through this registration, you grant us authorization to create and sell your products legally on Amazon, to add the necessary information, photographs, to optimize them, to create a personalized store for your brand, to create advertising campaigns (which we take care of, as well as its cost) and to take actions on Amazon against sellers not authorized to sell your products or who are selling counterfeits of your brand’s products.

If at any time you want to regain this brand control on Amazon, you just have to contact the Amazon Brand Registry and request it, you will recover it immediately since the rightful owner will always be you.

Sell on Amazon with Us

If you have received our message, it means that we consider your products interesting and of good quality, and we would like very much to work with you and include them in our catalog.