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Dietary contract services supplements manufacture

Spainbox is a private label requirement dietary supplement manufacturer (Europe). The food supplements are all prepared in the European Union and comply with EU standards (capsules, soft gels, tablets, gummies and powders). We produce:

With product choice, registration, labelling and logistic problems, our expert team will help you. Don’t worry, the contract manufacturing works simply by this:


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Benefits of
fabrication for contract

  • Placed your ideas into practice without additional production resources.

    Save, rent or purchase equipment for production and storage.

  • Reduce costs and obtain final budget information because of fixed costs.

    Contract production, according to experts, can cut costs by at least 25-30%.

  • Concentrate on product promotion.

    Manage Spainbox production and get more time and resources to market and sell. Time loss is fraught by a loss of competition – the production of food supplements is speeding up the process of marketing new products.

  • Returns increased

    as a result of lower purchase price results in an increase in the loyal base of the customer.

  • Get to know new products

    through shortening the transition period to series production and increasing competitiveness. new products.

Popular Food Supplements ( formulas prepared )

Manufacturers in EuropE




Goerlich Pharma

OEM services for organic food supplement products are available from Goerlich Pharma. The company has DIN ISO 9001 certified for conformity with industry processes, and DIN ISO 22000 is certified in compliance with food safety, according to the information provided on its website.

For general healthcare, for energy supplies, for skincare, haircare and nail care, Goerlich Pharma offers nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products made of hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, chewable capsules and oil mixtures.

Location: Staudham, Germany

  • L-Carnitine
  • Green-lipped mussel powder
  • Coral calcium powder
  • Green tea extract powder
  • Probiotic tablets
  • Melatonin
  • Konjac fiber tablets
  • Algal oil capsules
  • Boswellia oil


The primary business of the company is researching, developing and producing custom health and body care products for liver, kidney, heart, brains, muscles, face, skin and nails. Puropharm is a manufacturer and distributor of nutegrowing supplements based in Hannover.

By means of Glysomed and Marinox, Puropharm supplies finished products. In the meantime it also provides private label retailers with little or no experience with the supplement industry with manufacturing and branding solutions that provide customized services from market research, formula development, graphic design and delivery.

Location: Hannover, Germany

  • Amino acid supplements
  • Whey protein
  • Tablets of multivitamins
  • Powder of isotonics
  • Capsules of Fat-Burn

Dronania Pharmaceuticals

Dronania Pharmaceuticals has a contract with Bad Wörishofen, Germany, that specializes in the production of traditional herbal medicines.

Dronania is IFS-certified for all food supplements subject to LFGB (German Food Law) and GMP certified, according to the company’s website.

Dronania offers vertically integrated solutions, including pharmaceuticals and wholesalers, scale-up and sample batch production, safety testing, documentation (CTD) and validation of regulatory compliance, to supplement retailers and wholesalers.

Dronania’s herbal pharmaceuticals nutritional and dietary supplements are made with traditional herbs from Europe, the Middle East, and Eastern Asia. Some of these products are officially registered and authorized to sell in countries like the UAE, and China.

Location: Bad Wörishofen, Germany

  • Additives of amino acids
  • Additional vitamins and minerals.
  • Additive to herbal fiber



Swiss Nutrition Solutions

Is a manufacturer of Sarnen certified Sarnen Herbal Supplement products FSSC 22000, which develops, manufactures and packages for a variety of company client supplements.

Swiss Nutrition Solutions develops more than 1,000 types of formulas and remedies that combine different herbs and microelements to help children, women and the general public function in good health.

For instance the products of Swiss Nutrition Solutions are produced with natural herbal ingredients in Japan, China, and South America such as echinacea, elderberry, goji berries, acerola, maitake, shiitake, reishi, acai, blackcurrant and curcuma to enhance vision, weight loss and diet.

A variety of vegan food supplements, including vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and calcium, have especially been developed.

Location: Sarnen, Switzerland

  • Additives of amino acids
  • Oligo element supplements
  • Additives to the microelement
  • Plant supplements

Alpex Pharma

Launched its pharmaceutical business in 1988, supplying its clients with drugs and nutritional supplements. It is based in Mezzovico, Switzerland, which is engaged in research, development and production of tablets with oral dispersion, which are known to the public as effervescent tablets.

In order to reduce problems of arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis and other health concerns, Alpex Pharma produces supplementation with pharmaceutical function. These products can be adapted to form the dose of sparkling tablets, fast-melting tablets, oral release tablets and granular tablets.

Location: Mezzovico, Switzerland

  • Lactic herbal products
  • Sparkling folic acid tablets
  • Tablets of calcium sparkling
  • Sparkling phosphorus tablets

Gelpell AG

Is a Swiss firm which supplies the supplement of turnkey contract production services to product companies, wholesalers and retailers of e-commerce.

In procurement, manufacturing and packaging procedures with maximum customer experience, the company supports customers in the implementation of new formulations for additional purposes as well als for other processes.

According to information on Gelpell AG’s official website, the company has been certified to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices with the International Food standard (IFS).

Location: Gähwil, Switzerland

  • Soft gelatin supplements for vitamin
  • Dietary additives



Martínez Nieto, S.A.

Founded in 1968, Martínez Nieto, S.A. provides contract-produce services in all kinds of vitamins, nutrition, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals, offering product training, materials procurement and procurement services, commercial production, quality management, packaging design, encapsulation, packaging, bottling and packaging services and delivery.

According to information available on the official website of Martínez Nieto (S.A.) this company is certified as ISO 9001 and uses HACCP (Hazard Analysis Contamination Control Point) systems in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements to identify possible risks and improve product quality.

Location: Cartagena, Spain

  • Dietary additives
  • Supplements for multivitamins
  • Cosmeceuticals


Is a Spanish company based in Madrid that manufactures nutritional supplements in customized formulation for health and wellness purposes.

In order to promote performance improvement and health relief, Nutris has specializes in researching and developing nuterraceuticals to formulate supplements of multivitamins, prebiotics and amino acids.

Nutris offers finished nutraceutical products and customization products, including rubber, probiotics and strips.

These products are designed to address oral health problems, allergies, cardiovascular health, women’s health, cognitive care, etc. Health problems such as asthma, osteoporosis, diabetes, vision impairment, gastric bloat and vaginitis may be mitigated.

The company is certified ISO 14001.

Location: Madrid, Spain

  • Additional Oral Health
  • Supplements cardiovascular
  • Additional cognitive care
  • Support supplements for the immune system


Is a nutritional supplement and sweetener mixer production company based in Barcelona. The company offers a whole range of services in the fields of research and development, manufacturing, quality management, quality assurance and regulatory support.

The company offers finished, powdered, customized packaging services for sports nutrition and health care products including supplements for collagen peptides, complements for calcium, fortified drinks and milk proteins and supplements for fiber.

The company is committed to quality and is certified according to several international standard standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and FSSC 22000, according to the information given on the official Kemtia website. They say, on request, they can also submit certificates of Halal and Kosher.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

  • Supplements for macronutrients
  • Supplements with Micronutrients
  • Sweeteners

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