Congratulations! You’ve got a great idea, ready to be backed by thousands on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. But what is the best way to ship to your backers on time? And how do you calculate shipping costs? Having a well-crafted fulfillment strategy can make or break your campaign.

Allow Spainbox to handle the fulfillment of your crowdfunding campaign so you can concentrate on developing your exciting new product! 

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Typical crowdfunding fulfillment issues

Fulfilling crowdfunding pledges can be a time-consuming and manual process. The following are some of the most common issues that campaign owners face:

What can you anticipate from Spainbox?

Everything from inventory management to pick and pack to shipping is handled by Spainbox’s crowdfunding fulfillment service.

Your very own personal account manager

We’ve worked with major crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to fulfill rewards. Allow us to assist you with budgeting and planning so that your fulfillment process runs as smoothly as possible. We’ll help you choose the best packaging options and the most efficient shipping routes.

Picking and packing that is precise and secure

We’ve worked with major crowdfunding platforms like IndiegoDo you want to provide a variety of pledge incentives? Our powerful software allows you to create a variety of item combinations, giving your backers more options. Our warehouse team will ensure that all orders are packed meticulously and securely, regardless of the size or shape of your products.

International shipping that is both affordable and quick

We can negotiate discounted rates for you through our network of shipping partners, lowering your shipping costs and reducing your tax and duty exposure. Ship your product to one of our global fulfillment centers to ensure that it reaches your backers as quickly as possible.

Spainbox takes care of all the details so you don’t have to.

Management of fulfillment is simple.

We are a technology-driven third-party logistics company. To import backer data, track inventory, track shipping status, and manage orders, our fulfillment software seamlessly integrates with your crowdfunding platform. Log in to see everything from a single dashboard.

Inventory & shipping costs can be reduced.

Storage costs can make up a significant portion of your fulfillment expenses. We offer free warehouse storage for up to 90 days* and there are no account setup or goods receiving fees at Spainbox. You’ll only be charged for the pick-up and delivery services you use. Data and automation are used by our technology to reduce shipping costs and transit times, allowing you to save even more money.

Ensure a positive customer experience.

Your backers will almost certainly become your most devoted customers. With our 2-day shipping and exceptional services, you’ll make a great first impression. With a tracking number, your backers can easily track the status of their orders and know when their rewards will arrive.


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