We handle the complete logistics of your business, as we have done with our clients for 12 years.

Our goal is to help you boost your business.


Connect your shop, Manage your orders, shipments and inventory in our Warehouse Management System ShipEU.

Logistics preparation service
in shipments for companies

Our services consists of only having to send your products to our address. In Spainbox we will receive and store it in an appropriate and orderly manner.

You Send
Products to us

We Store Your Products

Customers Purchase Your Products

We Pick & Packs Products

Customers Purchase
Your Products

Every day, we will manage your orders, prepare and pack them, and once sent, provide you with the tracking numbers of each order, either in an automated way through the API or through a manual file.


We take care of receiving your orders, either from your own e-commerce platform like Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify or Magento or through a large e-commerce like Amazon or eBay. We can receive orders through a simple integration via API or via an Excel file template in CSV.

We have also developed our own customized WMS system to offer an intuitive and easy to use system that allows you to control your stocks in real time, the status of your orders and the tracking numbers of your shipments. With our technology, you will receive updated notifications of inventory levels, you will be notified when inventory is low and you will have the ability to forecast inventory demands based on previous sales history.


If an order is returned to our office, the shipping cost corresponding to the return shipment will be charged + an additional fee for the re-stocking.


We have a standard warehouse and a sanitary warehouse accredited by the Health Office of the Junta de Andalucía.



per month and
per cubic meter


  25€  - + -  260€  

per month and      Fixed per month
per cubic meter

The formula for calculating cubic meters is:

 Height x Length x Width in meters 


Selected Value: 15

Select the weight in kgs of your parcels

Pick and Pack

Selected Value: 0
Choose the Volumen of your orders

Shipping Rates

National Shipping Rates (Spain and Portugal) (COD service available)
Selected Value: 0
Choose the weight in KG of your order.
Selected Value: 0
Choose the weight in KG of your order.
COD: 3% with a minimum of 3€. Fund transfers will be sent monthly.
Selected Value: 0
Choose the weight in KG of your order.
0,00 €


Bubble wrap: 0,8€ / meter
Plastic bags provided by the courier: Free

60 x 40 x 40 cm:

4 € / Unit

20 x 16 x 9 cm:

0,85 € / Unit

A1 |

120 x 175 mm 0,13€ / Unit

B2 |

140 x 225 mm 0,15€ / Unit

C3 |

170 x 225 mm 0,,24€ / Unit

CD |

200 x 175mm 0,24€ / Unit

C4 |

200 x 275mm 0,27€ / Unit

E5 |

240 x 275mm 0,28€ / Unit

F6 |

240 x 275mm 0,32€ / Unit

G7 |

250 x 350mm 0,32€ / Unit

H8 |

290 x 370mm 0,35€ / Unit

I9 |

320 x 450mm 0,58€ / Unit

K10 |

370 x 480mm 0,62€ / Unit

Boxes or other packaging with measures adapted to your products: Ask us and we will quote you according to your needs. You can also send us your own shipping packaging and we will use them at no additional cost.


Reception of pallets:

30€ every two pallets

Inventory (to count the products received):

0,05€ / item

Inspection (to check the status of the products received):

1€ / item
0,2€ / item (small labels)
1€ / item (A4 labels)
Printing invoices and documents: 0,5€ / unit

Additional weight management: If your products weigh more than 1 kg, you will be charged 0,3€ for each additional kilo. For example, if your products weigh 3 kg, you will be charged 0,3€ * 2 (for the additional 2 kilos). We have dedicated customer service, both by e-mail and by phone. Contact us to obtain a quote adjusted to your needs.

If you need a service that is not on the list, contact us and we will try to offer a service adapted to your needs

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