What is Labeling?

Barcode labels serve as identifiers for our fulfillment facilities, allowing them to recognize your products. Barcodes are used in our fulfillment centers to speed up the product and shipping processes. Labels are required for commingled merchandise to be received by our global fulfillment facilities.

Why Should You Label

Labeling is required in order to track the shipment throughout the fulfillment process.

The purpose of barcode labeling is to distinguish your products from those of others.

Every day, our fulfillment facilities process millions of orders. It’s easy to mix your shipments with others if your orders don’t have any markings on them.

It enables us to rapidly process shipments.

We would scan those products with barcodes first and place them on shelves to promote a smooth and effective working flow.

Labeling barcodes is to store product data.

The information assembled in the barcodes contributes to tracking the status of goods. Thank labeling barcodes so that we could inspect and keep track of your inventory in an organized system.

What is the best way to label a box?

What should you put on the label?

1. Make use of the product’s current barcode.

There are no hard barcode restrictions, but make sure the products are properly labeled.

2. Our OMS system allows you to print labels on your own.

Make sure you have a high-resolution printer if you want to produce high-quality barcodes.

3. For a nominal price of about $0.1 per item, Spainbox provides label service.


Make sure each item has a barcode on the surface. Labels should not be placed in an inconspicuous spot, such as the inside cover of a book.

Place the label on a smooth surface, avoiding corners, edges, and curves in case the code could not be read.

Don’t make a photocopy of the label.

Don’t use labels that are smudged, faded or torn.

If your product is packaged in numerous layers, make sure the label can be scanned without having to open or disturb it.