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Frecuently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Spainbox

Where are you located?

Spainbox is located in Calle de los omeyas 5, Local. 14005, Córdoba, Spain.


– Pol. Ind. Las Quemadas, C/ Jose de Galvez y Aranda, parcela 34-A2. 14014 Cordoba


– C. Adamuz, 14420 Villafranca de Córdoba, Córdoba

Do you think I'd fit in at Spainbox?

Spainbox is here to help, and we will be happy to answer your listening questions, whether or not you use us for your fulfillment needs. Our expertise is in implementing online stores, crowdfunding projects and advertising distribution for small and medium-sized brands. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs and manufacturers with unique products and a limited number of SKUs. Examples include board games, nutritional supplements, books, electronics, toys, housewares, tools and apparel. Not sure if your product meets our criteria? give us a call.

Available Ecommerce Platforms? (Amazon, Shopify…)

Spainbox integrates with various Ecommerce platforms through its own WMS: Shipeu, compatible with:

Do you support API integration?

We have the files and documentation necessary for the API integration of our wms to your online store. Please contact us to receive information about API integration.

What transportation companies do you work with?

We currently work with: Correos Express, Ctt Express, UPS, Fedex and  TNT.

Can you ship items to Amazon FBA?

Of course, we have Amazon prep services (FBA) at your disposal to process your shipments from your Amazon account. You can see more information here.

Do you support FBM services?

Yes, we have the FBM service so we can manage for you the logistics of shipping and fulfillment of your products sold on Amazon, without approvals or demonstrations of proven inventory as FBA does. This is a useful service for new merchants selling their products on Amazon.

Real-time inventory check is available?

Through our SHIPEU app, you will be able to see your available inventory and stock reduction in real time. You can see more information about our Inventory Management service.

Can you support me with other procedures like labeling or kitting?

Yes. Other services and unique tasks, like labelling, pick and  pack, kitting and assembly, are available to our clients. Both standalone services and add-ons for current customers are available for these services.

How can I calculate out my shipping expenses?

We have at your disposal a shipping rate calculator so that you can find out the shipping cost according to the shipping company you need.

What is the process for returns?

When the customer wishes to return an item from the online store a notification will be sent to both the seller and Spainbox, this is where the seller decides what to do with the returned product: inspect, consolidate or discard it. The process of returning the product or Amazon Returns may vary depending on the conditions of the customer.

Exists a minimum or maximum monthly order volume?

There is no set monthly minimum order volume. The minimum pick and pack fee is €399, which is roughly 140 orders, though. Similar to that, we don’t have a cap on monthly order volume. Contact us first if you receive more than 5,000 orders each month so we can come up with a solution that is ideal for your company’s requirements.

More information can be found in our Fulfillment Services section.

Need assistance but still? Drop us a line!


(+34) 917715251



Calle de los omeyas 5, Local. 14005. Córdoba, Spain